10 Countries With The Most Prostitutes In The World

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10 Countries With The Most Prostitutes In The World

Prostitution, Which is also Referred to as The world’s Oldest Profession, is Beginning to Gain importance in Our World Today as a Good Number of Countries are Beginning to Legalise it Despite the Fact that some Cultures and Religions Find it immoral.

Although there are a number of complications involved in getting significant prostitution statistics, the fact is there are currently millions of Prostitutes all around the world, and some countries are known to be contributing a great deal to there population.

10 Countries With The Highest Number Of Prostitutes In The World, See The Position Of Nigeria.

Below, are the ten countries with the most sex workers per 10,000 people [According to liveandinvestoverseas.com]

10. Thailand – 45 prostitutes per 10,000 population.

Prostitution in Thailand has been common for years now, although it isn’t legal yet, but it is quite regulated and condoned.

In Thailand, Pattaya is popularly known as the world’s neon-lit sex capital due to the rate of Prostitution in the city.

9. Germany: 49 Prostitutes Per 10,000 Population.

In Germany, prostitution has been in existence for a very long time now, and as it stands, the profession is already legalized in the country as the German government levy taxes on it.

Interestingly, Pascha brothel which is the largest brothel in the whole of Europe is found in Cologne, Germany.

In Germany also, a law, known as the Prostitute Protection Act, was enacted to improve the legal situation of sex workers — just to show how serious prostitution is in the country.

8. Malaysia: 52 Prostitutes Per 10,000 Population.

Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in Malaysia, it is still very common and rampant.

While child prostitution is quite popular in Malaysia, Muslims convicted of prostitution in the country may also be punishable with public caning.

7. Brazil: 53 Prostitutes per 10,000 Population.

In Brazil, prostitution is quite legal in the sense that; the services of prostitutes can be exchange for money. But it is very illegal to operate a brothel or employ prostitutes in any other way.

6. China: 60 Prostitutes Per 10,000 Population.

More like Malaysia, China didn’t legalize prostitution but it is widespread.

Prostitution in the country has not ceased to flourish outside beauty salons and karaoke bars, despite the constant crackdowns by the police who sometimes treat them as criminals.

5. Nigeria: 63 Prostitutes Per 10,000 Population.

In Nigeria, prostitution is highly illegal in the northern states, and in the southern part of the country, the likes of pimps, underaged prostitutes and brothel owners are penalized by law.

Prostitution in Nigeria is widely regarded to be caused by poverty and the economic situation of the country.

4. Philippines: 85 Prostitutes Per 10,000 Population.

Prostitution in the Philippines is very illegal, although it is condoned.

In the Philippines also, poverty is a major reason for prostitution. Female companies are usually offered in the form of “bar girls” who oftentimes wear their “bar girl” ID card.

3. Peru: 102 prostitutes Per 10,000 Population.

In Peru, prostitution has been legalized and it is well regulated as brothels also get license to operate. Although and unfortunately, child prostitution is also common in the country.

2. South Korea: 110 Prostitutes Per 10,000 Population.

In South Korea, prostitution isn’t legalized but however, it keeps thriving despite the frequent crackdowns by the police and law enforcement agencies.

1. Venezuela: 119 Prostitutes Per 10,000 Population.

Prostitution in Venezuela is very much legal, regulated and common as well.

The country is widely known to have the highest amount of prostitutes in the world and this is due to the Country’s poor economic situation.

As a matter of fact, Prostitution is so serious to the extent that Prostitutes are mandated to wear ID Cards as a means of identification.

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