[Audio + Video]: Sufficient Grace – Gladys Aligbe

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The much awaited and the most anticipated Gospel Album by Gladys Aligbe is finally out under the management of STELLAWILLYS PRODUCTION.

The Album which is a twelve tracker is refreshably a Praise and worship Album whose Soul reason of Production is to lift those who are in CHRIST praise and worship God with the right message. Tracks like;
Awesome God, Your Grace, Mighty Jehovah, I Acknowledge you, All the Glory.

Family is the Best and much more are in the Compilation.

Gladys Aligbe is happily Married with 4 beautiful kids and she simply did titled the album “SUFFICIENT GRACE”.

The Album was launched In Germany on the 8th of May 2022, the Album has since been in the market in Lagos and in all Music and Video stores in Lagos and across Nigeria.
The project was produced by IK OBARIASE WILLIAM’S Popularly known as Sharkskin.

IK OBARIASE WILLIAM’S is the CEO of STELLAWILLYS enterprise and his mission as a producer is to bring to light the desires of those who truly want to use their talent for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To watch Gladys Aligbe’s Video
Go to- YouTube please do Subscribe,Like and Share more Videos will be uploaded soon in due time Thanks and God bless you all 🙏 Watch Live

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