Best Of Blaqbonez Dj Mixtape (Old & New Song’s)

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Best Of Blaqbonez Dj Mixtape

Best Of Blaqbonez Dj Mixtape (Old & New Song’s)

Best Of Blaqbonez Dj Mixtape (Old & New Song’s) 2020 offered to you by Trendnotch Top Notch Platform in the Nigerian Music industry.

Blaqbonez Prides Himself as the Best Rapper in Nigeria, he is Always Saying That Everywhere and he Tries his Best to live up to That Standard.

This is Filled with the Latest BlaqBonez Songs and Albums Playlist till 2021, This is a Wonderful Collection of the Best Blaqbonez Audio.

He is currently signed to Chocolate City Record Label under the tutelage of MR (Mr incredibles), So Far Blaqbonez has Released 2 Album EP The First One Titled Bad Boy Blaq was a 10 track album project that featured isome of his earliest dope rap tracks, after that, he released Mr Bombastic in 2019.

His Music Style is an infusion of Foreign Rap Trap Music with Afrobeat. His Non Conventional Style of Rap Music has Started Garnering Him His Solid Fans Base. From His Recent Album, he had Success on His Track Titled Shut-Up and also With Run My Race.

Best Of Blaqbonez Mixtape Tracklisting

  • Melody
  • Blaqbonez – Best Rapper In Africa Bria
  • Rambo
  • Blaqbonez – Low Key Mp3 Download
  • Real Fans
  • God
  • Tosin S Song
  • Amateurs
  • Blaqbonez – Best Rapper In Africa (Bria)
  • Bxtch
  • Bad Boy
  • Y R S F U Y L Mi Abaga Reply
  • Blaqbonez – Green Blaq Green
  • Denied
  • Blaqbonez – Mr Boombastic
  • Fire In The Booth
  • Blaqbonez – Traffic after Traffic
  • Blaqbonez – Mamiwota
  • Blaqbonez – Biography
  • Woke
  • Blaqbonez – Green Blaq Green
  • Cookie Made Me Stupid
  • Blaqbonez Songs
  • Blaqbonez – Denied
  • Blaqbonez Play Mp3 Download
  • Blaqbonez – Boombastic
  • For Daddy
  • We Go Rise
  • No Longer Stupid
  • Nikes
  • Blaqbonez – Fvck You Mp3
  • Mamiwota
  • Blaqbonez – Best Rapper In Africa
  • How Do We Sleep At Night
  • Play Remix
  • Blaqbonez Woke Mp3 Download
  • Blaqbonez Bad Boy Blaq Album Download
  • Lowkey
  • Best Singer In Africa
  • Blaqbonez Play
  • 5:00 Am
  • Blaqbonez Best Rapper In Africa Lyrics
  • Blaqbonez Play
  • Accommodate
  • Blaqbonez Best Rapper In Africa
  • Blaqbonez Mr Boombastic
  • Denied Remix Mp3 Download
  • Blaqbonez Mamiwota


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