Criminals Acting Like Okada Riders Attack Lagos; 3m Assembled in Two Years or Less

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Criminals acting like okada riders attack Lagos; 3m assembled in two years or less

Insight about the boycott of business bikes in any case called okada, in six neighborhood government areas of Lagos state, by Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu, this week , didn’t really shock many, who thought about it as very much past due.

This is on the grounds that security report has uncovered that a decent level of those marching themselves as business motorcyclists are without a doubt punks and crooks who have attacked Lagos.

At a security meeting in Abuja as of late, it was uncovered that north of 3,000,000 okadas riders marched into Lagos beginning around 2020.

The terrible ones among them are spread across practically every one of the networks in the state, trusting that the proper time will strike. With the prior, Lagos can be supposed to be perched on a barrel of black powder holding on to detonate

Examination by Saturday Vanguard further uncovered that numerous riders in Lagos are from Chad, Niger and different pieces of the African landmass. This passes on one to scrutinize the productivity of safety specialists.

Further discoveries showed that the vast majority of these okada riders slipped into the state around evening time, concealing their in the middle between products rolling in from different states.

While larger part of those whose tasks were restricted in states like Enugu, Abia, Akwa-Ibom Kano, Borno, Cross River and Kaduna among different states, find Lagos as a helpful ground to barely get by, others utilize the chance to go on with their crimes.

Additionally, the carelessness and baldfaced negligence for comprised power by a few business motorcyclists in the state has accepted a disturbing circumstance.

Simply last week, a Sound Engineer was killed and consumed to death by a few business motorcyclists in the Lekki region of the state , during a contention over N100 extra installment.

Additionally, in September 2021, business motorcyclists went on frenzy at Ajao home, Airport Road, Lagos, killing a Chief Superintendent of Police, Kazeem Abonde , who was appended to the Operations Department of the Lagos State Police Command.

The departed, who had scarcely eight months to resign , drove a group of cops to a criminal refuge nearby , just to have life snuffed out of him.

At different times, they faced police officers connected to the Lagos State Task Force and Rapid Response Squad , at various areas in the state .

Early this year , a police watch van was set on fire by a few business motorcyclists at sixth Avenue , Festac Town , in Amuwo Odofin region of the state, during an endeavor to oppose capture.

Unfortunately, these cops , despite the fact that furnished , would be cautioned by their supervisors never to utilize their arms on these riders, even notwithstanding passing.

Drivers have likewise had unjustifiable treatment from these business motorcyclists who vent their outrage and dissatisfaction on them at some random open door. Truth be told , the feeling of dread toward okada riders is the start of insight for any insightful driver.

Most significant streets in the metropolitan state have been purposely taken over by these business motorcyclists, consequently denying other street clients access . What’s more, when stood up to, they would comprise a crowd activity on their casualty.

Government’s irregularity

With the implementation of the boycott of okada in six nearby government regions to start from June 1, 2022, Lagosians are, notwithstanding, uncertain assuming the state government will keep to its promise by guaranteeing that the authorization endures.

This is on the grounds that the most recent declaration was not whenever the Lagos first state Government would boycott and confine activities of okada in the state. Be that as it may, they neglect to implement the boycott.

In 2006, previous Governor of the state, Governor Ahmed Tinubu, reported the limitation of their activity somewhere in the range of 7pm and 6am, attributable to the spate of theft tasks with okada. Notwithstanding, with time , implementation stewed.

After six years (2012) previous Governor Babatunde Fashola prohibited the activity of business motorbikes in Ikeja hub. Once more, the administrators got back to status – quo with time.

In 2017, during Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s residency, he put a prohibition on the activity of business bikes and tricycles on assigned expressways and extensions. Yet, as different times, the mandate was spurned .

Again in 2020, the Governor Sanwo-Olu drove organization prohibited the activity of motorcyclists and tricycles in six neighborhood legislatures, 10 significant interstates and nine nearby advancement region of the state . Once more, the implementation was fleeting.

With the current declaration on the ‘endless and all out ‘boycott of okada riders in Apapa, Surulere ,Eti-Osa, Lagos Mainland , Ikeja and Lagos Island Local Government Areas which produces results from June 1, 2022, a few Nigerians, particularly the security specialists , trust that administration will empower the important to authorize the boycott to the last option.

As far as implementation, some security specialists who talked with Saturday Trendnotch got out whatever was expected to defy the riders on account of possibility was sufficient teargas canisters and high temp water gun.

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