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Download Ayinla Omowura Songs: Best of Ayinla Omowura
If you’re looking for where to download Ayinla Omowura songs or download the Best Of Ayinla Omowura, you’re in the right place.

Brief Biography of Ayinla Omowura
Late Alhaji Ayinla Omowura, popularly called ‘egunmogaji’, was born in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria in the late 30s. He started his musical career with a brand of music called ”Olalomi” in the early 50s.

This brand of music was so popular that he became people’s favourite both in Nigeria and the west coast of Africa. This brand of music faded with time. His first album titled HNLX 5068 which was recorded in the same year was a bestseller, with over 50,000 copies sold.

His success was so overwhelming that he became an idol to many – particularly public transport drivers and traders to mention a few. Below, you can download Ayinla Omowura songs mp3 for free.

Download Ayinla Omowura Songs Mp3

Best Of Ayinla Omowura Tracklists

  • Emokan || Mp3 Download
  • Ise Ile || Mp3 Download
  • Iyawo Mi || Mp3 Download
  • Ranti Ojo Ola || Mp3 Download
  • Anigilaje || Mp3 Download
  • Anwi Ele O Gbo || Mp3 Download
  • Awa Ki Se Olodi Won || Mp3 Download
  • Late Murtala Mohammed || Mp3 Download
  • Alujonu Elere || Mp3 Download
  • Salisu America || Mp3 Download
  • 25 X 40 (Part 1) || Mp3 Download
  • 25 X 40 (Part 2) || Mp3 Download
  • 25 X 40 (Part 3) || Mp3 Download
  • 25 X 40 (Part 4) || Mp3 Download
  • Ebi Kin Pagun Dale || Mp3 Download
  • Ile Aye Nyilo || Mp3 Download
  • Ati Dariyo || Mp3 Download
  • Orin Owe || Mp3 Download
  • Ota nlu Ilu Ibaje || Mp3 Download
  • Ile Akoko Ni Won Gbedo || Mp3 Download
  • Were were || Mp3 Download
  • Self Titled || Mp3 Download
  • Boli Ati Epa Lorin Wa || Mp3 Download


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