Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, Who Sexually Raped a Pregnant Woman While She Was Giving Birth

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Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra
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Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, who sexually raped a pregnant woman while she was giving delivery, has been revealed to the public.

A video of a Brazilian anesthesiologist putting his penis into the mouth of a pregnant lady during a C-section has gone viral.

After secretly filming him orally raping a highly drugged woman at the Hospital da Mulher in So Joo de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, police arrested Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, on the accusation of rape.

Nurses at the hospital had noticed that his patients were having trouble holding their newborns after surgery, so they installed a concealed camera to investigate the cause.

The doctor allegedly performed two other rapes that day, according to witnesses on the staff, and the authorities are looking into whether or not those women were also assaulted victims.

Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra
Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra

The custody hearing with the doctor happened on July 12th, Tuesday.

He is facing a rape charge in Brazil, which carries a maximum prison term of 15 years.

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