How To Clean A Clear Phone Case Turning Yellow

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Method on How to Clean a Phone Case Turning Yellow or Other Color?

Phones are used often, and for many people, their phone is their best friend. Phone cases are nice, especially silicone phone cases, as they do well to help protect phone covers from damaging or having scratches on them.

There is a bad feeling when you see your once clear silicone phone case change into another color, particularly yellow or brown color – this makes it look unattractive and unwanted.

Here, we give you the right and appropriate information on how you can easily clean your clear phone case. You will also learn why phone cases turn yellow or other colors.

Ways of Cleaning a Silicone or Clear Phone Case

Now we shall see the different ways by which you can clean a clear phone case.

Clean Clear Phone Case with Baking Soda

One way of ensuring your once clear phone case which is now turning yellow comes clear again is by scrubbing and cleaning it with baking soda. Although you might not turn it to the clear form it was once, but you will definitely change it from that unattractive yellowish or brownish color.

How do you clean a phone case with baking soda?
Sprinkle baking soda all over the surface of the phone case
Scrub the baking soda into the phone case with a toothbrush
Having done this several times, wash away the baking soda
Dry it off with a washcloth or a towel

Clean Clear Phone Case with Isopropyl Alcohol, Dish Soap and Borax

Another method of making your yellowish color phone case come clean is by cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol, dish soap and borax.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Use a wash cloth to clean the phone case with dish soap
  2. Moisten a dry wash cloth with isopropyl alcohol and use it to wipe and scrub the dirty, yellowish and brownish area of the phone case
  3. If you still notice any stain or you are not satisfied with the color of your clear phone case, pour water in a bowl, mix dish soap, and add a bit of borax
  4. Soak the phone case inside the water and leave for about two hours
  5. After the two hours of soaking, scrub with a toothbrush
  6. Rinse with a clean water

Why do Clear Phone Case Turn Yellow or Other Colors?

  1. These phone cases are products of silicone, which is a synthetic polymer. They are rubber-like plastic and flexible.
  2. As these silicone properties age, the lose their original quality
  3. This makes them turn yellow or brown color
  4. Heat emanating from phones also assists in the quickness of the change in color of a clear phone case

Final Thoughts on How to Clean a Clear Phone Case

You can as well combine both methods discussed to get your clear phone case back to life. These are the best methods of clearing a clear phone case or a silicone phone case.

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