How to Get Your Music Videos on VEVO & Earn 100% Revenue

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Get your music videos on VEVO

VEVO is One of the Most Popular places for Fan’s to Watch & Stream Music Videos from the Artists they love.

Putting your music videos on Vevo will help you find new fans, generate more engagement, and increase the money you make from streaming royalties compared to uploading to YouTube alone.

As one of Vevo’s official partners, when you distribute your music through, DistroVid Or Ditto, You can guarantee you’ll get paid every single time someone views your videos on the platform.

Get your music videos on VEVO

Set up an Official Vevo Channel, upload all of your music videos and keep 100% of the royalties you generate. With Ditto Music, it’s cheap and easy to get your visuals live on Vevo and start earning even more from your music.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQs)

Can I get my music video on Vevo?

Yes! When you sign up for a free account with Ditto, we’ll get you set up with an official Artist channel on Vevo that you can populate with all your previous and/or upcoming music videos for fans to watch. Make sure to read our music video guidelines to ensure your video meets Vevo’s specific content requirements.

How much money will I make from Vevo?

Similar to platforms like Spotify & Apple Music, Vevo royalties are based on a cost per stream. This price can vary based on the different subscription plans and locations of listeners, so the amount of money you make from Vevo may vary too.

When will I get paid by Vevo?

When you release to Vevo through Ditto, you’ll receive 100% of the royalties you’re owed directly into your Ditto account. There can be a wait time of up to two months between uploading your videos to the platform and your royalties arriving.

How do I get more views on Vevo music videos?

Artists who use Vevo to host their music videos will automatically get opportunities for playlisting and editorial support on Vevo’s social media. If you want to find out more about how to boost your views on Vevo, check out our Unsigned Advice blog and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest tips and tricks.

How do I start putting music videos on Vevo?

You can start right now. When you create a free account with Ditto, you’ll be able to set up and upload videos to your official Vevo artist channel. Once your videos are live, you can start earning royalties from views and streams. Simple as that!

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