How To Remove Bed Bug Blood Stains From Mattress And Beddings

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How to Remove Bed Bugs On Bed's

How to Remove Bed Bugs Blood Stains From Mattresses or Beddings? You Should Not Get Too bothered About This, we’ve Got You Covered Here.

Many Times, People Get to Know of bed bugs in their homes when they notice blood or reddish stains on their mattresses or beddings. For some, they only know when they only know when they feel bites from these insects.

What are Bed Bugs?

Before talking about how to remove bed bug blood stains from your bed or mattresses, let’s get you familiar with what bed bugs are in a concise way.

Bed bugs are little and tiny insects that live in homes; these wingless insects depend on human bloods for their existence. In other words, bed bugs feed on human blood to live.

Many people do wonder if they can actually see bed bugs with the eyes. Yes, you can. You don’t need a microscope or laboratory equipment to see a bed bug. They can be seen, touched and killed.

Where do Bed Bugs Live?

Having bed bugs at home is not good and you should try as much as you can to get rid of them in your house. Yes, bed bugs live at home, but it is important to know where you can find them.

They are parasites that are found in almost any part of a home they infest. Bed bugs don’t like open places where they can easily be detected – they like hidden places such as inside upholstery, under carpets, inside mattresses, inside beddings, cracked places and other concealed places.

How do Bed Bugs Enter Homes?

People often think your home has to be dirty to have bed bug infections. While this might be partially true, it is not entirely true; as bed bugs can enter the house via other means.

If you bring any bed bug infested item into your house, bed bugs can start growing and multiplying in your house through that way. Your clothes might be infested while visiting places other than your house or through furniture materials.

Aside those, what if you are staying in an apartment block? Bed bugs can move through the walls from your neighbor’s house into your house and vice versa.

Let’s take a look on how to remove bed bug blood stains from a mattress, bed cover or bedding using the easiest possible way.

How to Remove Bed Bug Bloods Stains from Mattress

Here is a step by step guide on how you can easily remove bed bug stains and bed bug blood stains from a mattress:

  • Apply hydrogen peroxide on affected areas using a spray bottle
  • Use a neat wash cloth or neat rag to blot the area treated using hydrogen peroxide
  • Apply borax on stubborn stains. Rub the borax in with a wash cloth or a neat rag. Repeat until stains are fully removed
  • Remove moisture from the treated areas by holding a wash cloth or neat rag over it and applying pressure. Do this until the mattress dry off or alternatively, you can sun dry the mattress

How to Remove Bed Bug Blood Stains from Beddings and Bed Covers

Here is how to easily remove stains caused by bed bugs from beddings and bed covers:

  • Spray stained areas using an enzyme-based stain remover
  • Let the spray remover work its magic for around 20-30 minutes or you can check the time instructions on the label
  • Wash the bedding or bed cover in a washing machine using a laundry detergent
  • You can also use ammonia and hydrogen peroxide on stubborn stained areas
  • Rinse after washing with cold water and air dry or sun dry your beddings as well as bed covers

That is it for removing bed bug blood stains from beddings and bed covers.

Final Thoughts on How to Remove Bed Bug Blood Stains or Reddish Stains on Mattresses or Beddings

Bed bugs are problem to many people, as they have infested their homes. They can bite, cause itching and more. Most annoyingly, they stain almost every surface they get themselves on.

Getting rid of bed bug poop stains and blood stains on bed covers and beddings shouldn’t be as difficult as you think. This guide is of great help, just follow thoroughly.

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