How To Shrink Polyester | 9 Easy Ways

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Polyester Does not Really Shrink The Way Other Clothes. For instance, Cotton is a Fabric That Easily shrinks. Although polyester might not Shrink Like Other clothing materials, that does not mean you cannot shrink it. This article will serve as a guide for you on how to shrink polyester.

How To Shrink Polyester

If you intend buying a cloth, it is important you check out the label and see what kind of material it is made of or see the instructions on it. if you are looking for a cloth that can easily shrink, cotton is the best fit for you.

Sometimes, we do find ourselves in a situation whereby we can’t let go of a particular cloths despite the fact that they are a little bigger than us – we just can’t afford to miss out them.

This article will comprehensively walk you through ways of shrinking polyester without damaging it.

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What is Polyester?

Polyester is an artificially made synthetic fiber; they are hydrophobic polymer, and they tend to be more durable than cotton. Polyester does not absorb water or dampness. Rather, it resists water and moisture. So, if you need the best cloth for a bad weather, you have polyester calling on you.

Clothes made from polyester help in keeping the body warm and fill the body with body heat, thanks to the follow fiber materials.

Many clothing types are made from polyester, such as track suits, hoodies, jerseys, raincoats, raincoats, parkas, among others. The durability of polyester is another plus to it. You can buy and keep on using a cloth made from polyester for years without any damage whatsoever to it.

Another plus on the side of polyester is that it resists stains, rather than stains going deep into it, sometimes, the stains bounce off you’re a polyester garment and overall, they are easy to wash.

What is Polyester made of?

The above unique and great qualities if polyester will make you wonder what polyester is actually made from. Like we said before, polyester is manmade and not natural like cotton or wool clothing. Then, what is it made from?

Polyester is made from many organic chemical compounds. The major ingredient used is ethylene, which is gotten from petroleum.

The by-product of petroleum is mixed together with carboxyl acid and alcohol which causes a chemical reaction. This is actually known as polymerization (the act of creating polymer).

The polymer fibers are processed into long threads, and these long threads are then processed into cloths.

How to Shrink Polyester

In shrinking polyester, there are two ways of doing this, they are:

  1. The wash and dryer method for shrinking polyester
  2. The electronic ironing method for shrinking polyester

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The Wash and Dryer Method for Shrinking Polyester

In order to shrink your polyester using the wash and dryer method, you should do the following:

  • Turn your polyester clothes inside out (This prevents the color of the cloth from fading, as this method involves high heat).
  • Separate polyester cloths; set aside the white or related colors from other colors. This is to prevent spoiling your cloth with mixed colors.
  • Put the cloths you want to shrink inside the machine.
  • Set the machine to the hottest water or nearly hottest setting.
  • Set the machine to the longest washing cycle.
  • You don’t need a detergent if you are doing this to shrink only; unless you want to wash it.
  • Hot rinse the cloth (In case you add detergent to wash it).
  • Immediately you are done with washing, move the polyester cloth to the dryer and set the machine to the hottest and longest heating and drying cycles (NOTE: Your polyester cloth will get shrunk mostly from the heat from the dryer).
  • Immediately you are done with the above step, remove the cloth and leave it to cool down. After which you can check it out if the level of shrinking is enough for you. If not, then, repeat the process all over again.

NOTE: You should not replicate this process too many times as it might affect the polyester color, durability or newness of your cloth.

That is it for shrinking a polyester garment using the wash and dryer method.

The Electronic Ironing Method for Shrinking Polyester

In order to wash polyester clothes using the electronic ironing method, you should follow these steps that will be discussed below:

  • Wash the polyester cloth in hot water and rinse with hot water as well.
  • While washing and ironing, ensure you turn the cloth inside out (this is to prevent fading as a result of the hotness of the iron).
  • Transfer the cloth to the ironing board immediately you are done with washing it. Remember to leave the polyester inside out.
  • After placing it on the ironing board, cover the cloth with a neat pressing cloth so as to prevent causing damage to the cloth.
  • Set your iron to low or mid heat and iron press the cloth until it becomes totally dry (Follow this strictly; you don’t want your polyester garment to burn if the iron is too hot).
  • Check out your clothe after ironing and wear it in order to determine if you are satisfied with the level of shrinking. If you are not satisfied, you can repeat the process all over again.

NOTE: You must not repeat this process too many times in order not to affect the color, durability and newness of your polyester cloth.

That is it for shrinking your polyester garments (shirt, skirt, trouser, blouse etc) using the electric ironing method.

Final Thoughts on How to Shrink Polyester

Shrinking a polyester cloth might be one of the trickiest kinds of shrinking a cloth, as a result of its materials. One can however do it if you have the proper guide, which is what this article tends to provide you.

The methods earlier discussed: the wash and dryer method as well as the electronic ironing method will do the trick just for you. Just ensure the instructions are properly followed.

Let’s hear your comments and views about how it goes with shrinking your polyester.

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