How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger

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Have you ever experienced a clogged toilet before? Well, it’s always a horrible tale to tell, especially when you don’t have a plunger at hand to help unclog your toilet while facing the situation.

If you are caught up with this in a stranger’s house or a restaurant or any public toilet at all, you might consider reporting to the appropriate person or persons.

However, if you are faced with a clogged toilet at home, you can easily declog the toilet with some household materials and steps to be discussed in this article.

Some toilets unclog themselves after some period of time, which is if you are able and willing to wait till that moment. But the chance of it getting clogged up soon is high. If you want a lasting solution to this or you can’t wait for that moment, then, this article is definitely for you. You should also note that not all toilets can unclog by themselves.

Items needed to unclog a toilet without a plunger

Choosing or knowing the items you will need in unclogging your toilet depends largely on which of the method you want to use, as we will show you different ways by which you can unclog a toilet without plunger.

Some items are important though, and they include wire hanger, vinegar, dish soap, baking soda – they will help greatly in helping you free your toilet from being clogged up.

What to do to unclog a toilet without plunger

With the tips to be discussed, you don’t have to worry about a clogged toilet; just follow the tips as discussed.

Unclog your toilet with DISH SOAP

Immediately you notice your toilet gets clogged, just go ahead and get dish soap. You might ask: why should I use dish soap?

Dish soap, being a slippery soap will help in making sure that water in the clogged toilet will be able to slide down conveniently.

How do you go about this? You unclog a toilet with dish soap by:

  • Pouring about one-half of a cup of dish soap into the toilet bowl
  • In case you don’t have a dish soap, get a bar soap and chop it into little chunks and pour them into the toilet.

Unclog your toilet with HOT WATER

Do you know you can unclog a toilet with hot water? You can. Boil a bucket of water and pour into the toilet from waist level. Water’s hotness could force and flush whatever is clogging the toilet.

NOTE: If the water is too hot, it can crack the toilet. 

Unclog your toilet with a WIRE HANGER

You can actually unclog a toilet with wire hanger, this method could also help. Get a wire hanger and untwist it until it becomes straight. Push an end of the wire into the toilet pipe, twist and turn until the blockage open up.

Unclog your toilet with baking SODA and VINEGAR MIXTURE

Using the natural method of baking soda and vinegar mixture could also be effective in unclogging a toilet without a plunger. How do you go about unclogging a toilet with soda and vinegar mixture?

  • Pour a cup of soda into the toilet bowl
  • Add two cups of vinegar to it
  • Leave for about one or two hours before checking it out.

Unclog your toilet with a plastic bottle

Unclogging a toilet with plastic bottle is another effective way by which you can get water to flow without obstruction. In a bid to unclog a toilet with a plastic bottle, take out as much water as possible from the toilet bowl.

Then, fill a plastic bottle with warm water and place your thumb over the top of the bottle, then, fit the bottle’s top end at the outlet of the toilet (it is advisable you wear a glove). Remove your thumb from the top of the bottle and allow the warm water inside the bottle pump down the toilet pipe.

Unclog your toilet with a toilet brush

This is another technique of unclogging a toilet when you don’t have a plunger. This is by using a toilet brush – it can ‘replace’ a plunger.

Use the handle of the brush to do the work – stick it into the toilet hole, while thrusting and twisting until you unclog the toilet. There is the probability that you might want to do away with the brush after his task.

What should I do immediately a toilet is clogged? What should I not do to a clogged toilet?

Immediately you realize the toilet is clogged, don’t attempt to flush repeatedly, so as to avoid flooding and messing up your bathroom.

Remove the tank cover and push the flapper (the rubber contraction towards the toilet tank) down. Then, turn off the valve to stop water from supplying into the tank.

These are what to do when you notice that the toilet is blocked or not flushing again.

Conclusion: How to unclog a toilet without a plunger

The above methods ought to be able to help you with unclogging your toilet without a plunger. If one of the methods does not work, try another method, it might just work for you. You can as well combine two or more methods.

If after several attempt to unclog the toilet, you still can’t do it, then, it is advisable you get a plumber to come check the toilet out.

Always try as much as you can to have a plunger at home at all times.

How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger

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