How To Unlock A Door Without A Key

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Unlockings Have Been in Situations Whereby We Will Need to Unblock a Door Without a Key.

Perhaps, you accidentally locked the door without taking the key. It might not even be you; it might be your child, spouse, sibling or friends.
How to Unlock a Door without a Key

There is nothing as annoying as that. Sometimes, the door in question might be a door to a particular room you needed to pick something urgently – quite annoying. Isn’t it?

In this article, we’ve got your back on how you can Open a door without having a key at hand. Here, we have researched and gather tips on how to unlock a door without key.

Unlock a Door with a Straight and Stiff Tool

You can unlock your door without a key with a straight and stiff tool. Some doors are not that made to be security tight. Some of these doors do have a small button inside a small hole on the knob face. If you can get any straight and stiff tool like a screw driver to push the button, you can unlock the door with this technique. In other cases, the door lock may be designed to for you to insert the stiff and straight object and twist.

Unlock a Door by Removing the Doorknob

This works for doors that have knobs with screw. You can unlock such door by removing the screw on the knob. Some doorknobs require you remove several things like the rose, the shank and more. A flat head or a star head screwdriver will be needed in doing this.

Unlock a Door without a Key by Pulling the Bolt

This technique of unlocking a door without a key is best used for doors with a latch bolt. The tool that will be needed in doing this is a wire hanger; you will hook the angled edge of the bolt with the hanger.

How do you do this?

  • You will have to reshape the hanger by bending it to have a long handle with a hook at the edge.
  • Insert the hook to the opening gap between the jamb and the door edge.
  • Once in the right position, hold the door knob tightly in one hand and hold the hanger firmly in the other hand.
  • Unlock by firmly turning the door knob in the opening direction.
  • As you are doing the above, gently pull the hanger towards you, which should in turn open the door.

NOTE: This trick won’t work if the gap between the wall and the door is obstructed by the jamb. 

How to Unlock a Door without a Key
Open a Locked Door by Pushing the Bolt

This works well for doors with latch bolts that have their angled edge facing you. The tool used for this is a credit or debit card (it is advisable not to use a functioning one, as it might get damaged).

The trick is to use the edge of the credit card to push and mount pressure on the latch bolt’s angled edge. As you are doing this, apply pressure on the knob when twisting it.

Unlock a Door with a Bobby Pin

You can actually unlock a door with a bobby. You will need two bobby pins for this task. These two pins will serve different purposes, and both will be shaped to fit their purposes.

  • You will use the first bobby pin to act as a replacement for the key, in other words, it will used to turn the key cylinder.
  • Bend the last two centimeter of the fulcrum end of the first bobby pin
  • Stick that part into the keyhole and use the other part as the handle to twist it
  • Turn the second bobby pin into a straight and long piece by bending it at the fulcrum
  • Pick the lock with the bobby pins by pushing the spring-loaded pins up one after the other.

Unlock a door by Drilling the Door

This method will definitely require you get a new door lock. The drill will be used to destroy the lock pins in order for it to turn freely. In order to do this, drill on top of the keyhole corresponding with the threshold between the pins positions and the cylinder.

Unlock a Door by Kicking the Door off with your Foot

This method is only advisable for emergency moments. Do it the old-fashioned and military-style by giving the door a SWAT-styled kick. How do you do this?

  • Aim for the spot right on top of the doorknob
  • Make a forceful contact with the door using a flat foot
  • Try once more. If it doesn’t open and doesn’t make a splintering sound, then, you should not try it again.

You should not use your shoulders in to badge the door, as this might cause injuries to you. 

Final Thoughts on How to Unlock a Door without a Key

Unlocking your door when you don’t have a key at hand could turn out to be very challenging. This is why this article serves a guide to help you with the right solution to this problem.

With this article, you should have learnt one or two things that will help you unlock your door without a key in the right way. Sometimes, any of these might not work for you. It is therefore important you contact the appropriate personnel (locksmith) to help you with it.

This guide serves as education purpose to help you with your door, and it is not meant to be abused or used for inappropriate or illicit things. You are therefore advised to be law abiding in trying to open a door.


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