How To Wash Lululemon Leggings And Yoga Pants

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Seeking for information on how to wash Lululemon leggings without spoiling it? We’ve got you covered on that in this article, as you will learn how to wash your leggings without damaging it.

How To Wash Lululemon Leggings And Yoga Pants

Lululemon leggings or yoga pants are made by Lululemon Athletica, an apparel company in Canada that was founded in 1998. They are best known for producing quality outfits for yoga, running, training and outdoor activities.

The company aims to provide wears of great quality for men and women; and is famous for their comfortable and easy to wear outfits.

Fabrics used by Lululemon for their Leggings and Yoga Pants


This is known as their signature fabric. The Luon is used by Lululemon to create soft leggings and yoga pants that absorbs seat and moisture.


This is a moisture and sweat absorbent material used in producing lovely Lululemon yoga pants or leggings.


This fabric material is buttery soft, sweat absorbent and gives you the much needed freedom of movement.


With the double layered fabric, you don’t have to worry about moisture and sweat, as it absorbs them without you noticing, while also giving you that buttery soft feeling.


This material from Lululemon is perfect for preventing bad odors and also stops odor-causing bacteria.


With its buttery soft and lightweight texture, this is the perfect material for strong exercise. You have a fabric that keeps you dry, as it absorbs sweats and moistures.

How to wash Lululemon leggings/Yoga Pants (Pre-Soaking, Washing with Machine and Hand Washing)

Welcome to the part you’ve been waiting for – how to wash Lululemon yoga pants or leggings correctly. The Lululemon Athletica Company produces different types of leggings, however, they can all be washed in ways that are similar.

Pre-soaking Lululemon Leggings and Yoga Pants

For leggings that have stains, it is advisable you pre-soak them. How do you go about this?

  • Set apart white pants from the colored ones
  • Dissolve the detergent in a basin or sink
  • Use cold water only (do not use hot water)
  • Ensure the detergent is fully dissolved
  • Add yoga pants and leave for about 15 minutes

NOTE: You can also add small amount of vinegar or baking soda to remove foul smells on your leggings or yoga pants.

Wash Lululemon leggings/yoga pants with WASHING MACHINE

Do you know that you can wash Lululemon leggings and yoga pants with a washing machine? Well, you can actually do that. How do you wash Lululemon leggings and yoga pants with a washing machine?

  • Wet apart white leggings from the colored ones
  • Turn them inside out (this is to prevent tearing or fading)
  • Don’t join them together with other clothing that have zippers, Velcro or other hard objects as it can cause a scratch to the material
  • Also, you should not put Lululemon leggings and yoga pants together with other clothing items with hard or rough textures
  • Wash with a sport laundry detergent (they have sweat and anti-bacteria compounds)
  • Add about 2 scoops of sports laundry detergent to a cold water (never at any time should you use a warm or hot water)
  • Tune the washing machine to spin so low and dry it also in a low tumble setting
  • Finish washing by hanging it to dry; this prevents Lululemon leggings and yoga pants from getting damaged as well as losing its softness.

Wash Lululemon leggings and yoga pants with HANDS

You can as well wash Lululemon yoga pants and leggings with hands; in fact, this is one of the safest means of washing it, as this method ensures the pants are protected from extreme movements that can damage them. How do you wash Lululemon pants with hands?

  • Separate pants that are light colored from the dark colored ones
  • Fill the sink or a basin with cold water (don’t use hot water)
  • Add about 2 scoops of sports laundry detergent and mix
  • Hold both hands on the fabric and wash
  • Don’t wash the leggings all at the same time, this should be done on individual basis (wash each pair at a time)
  • After you are done washing, squeeze it out of the soapy water and rinse in a water without soap until you rid it of all foams or traces of soap in it
  • Having done the above, squeeze gently or use a towel to squeeze out excess water in it
  • Hang to dry

How to wash Lululemon leggings and yoga pants for men and women – Conclusion

Washing Lululemon leggings and Yoga pants is not as difficult as you might have initially thought. Due to its delicate fabric, it is important you follow the instructions carefully.

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