Is Saturday a Business Day? Understanding Business Days

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Is Saturday a Business Day

Is Saturday a Business Day? Understanding Business Days

Is Saturday a business day? What does a business day even mean? If you’re pondering on these, then you are not alone. This term is often confused with regular or working days.

So, what’s a business day?

A business day refers to any day in which normal business operations can be conducted. Though varying from one region to another, the definition of a business day is understood to be a day between  Monday and Friday. So, in most countries, Saturday is not an official business day.

A day qualifies to be a business day if official business can be carried out legally. Many countries base the definition of a business day on banking days.

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In most countries, Monday to Friday is considered a business day, and it runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in western countries, or 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in most African countries. So it’s safe to say that a business day refers to the legal hours in a day when normal business operations can take place.

These activities vary from one industry to another, for instance:

Banking Business day: In-person banking services, deposits, withdrawals, account assistance etc.

Education: Learning activities, group discussions, administering exams, admin tasks etc.

Government offices: official government services such as issuing of IDs, applications etc.

Now, a business day defers from a working day, as there are activities that should only be done during official business hours. Some industries have Saturdays or even Sundays as working days when employees are usually paid overtime to do non-official work. Cleaners do come in way before the official business hours.

When is Saturday a Business Day?

Some companies enforce a Saturday working day. In this case, Saturday may be considered a business day. This, however, doesn’t apply in established sectors like Banking that are well regulated.

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Businesses that operate under 24/7 formats have their employees working on Saturdays and Sundays. These extra days can be referred to as working days. Usually, most operations carried out are customer support, inquiries, and minor transactions. In retail, however, this could mean all the official business operations.

Understanding Business Days

Monday through Friday are considered business days, but weekends and holidays are not. Also, note that important public holidays (federal holidays) that fall on weekends are usually observed during the weekdays, thus affecting the number of business days in a year.

If a transaction or shipment takes five business days, weekends and holidays are not counted in. So, a shipment may take seven days to arrive on a strict five business days delivery.

FAQs About Business Days

Is Saturday Considered a Working Day for Shipping?

No, Saturday is not considered a business day for shipping. If you make an order online on Friday evening with two days delivery, the business days will start counting from Monday, the following week.

How Long is a Business Day? Or, How Many Hours is a Business Day?

A business day is 24 hours long. This should not be confused with working hours. Business hours start from 12:00 am through 11:59 pm.

How Long is a Working Day? Or, How Many Work Hours Are There in a Day?

A working day in the US and most western countries is 7 hours long, running from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with a one-hour lunch break. In other countries, working hours are often longer, running from 8:00 am through 5:00 pm.

Does Amazon Consider Saturday a Business Day?

No, Amazon does not count Saturdays or Sundays as business days. Since Amazon calculates their transit times using business days, a package scheduled to be shipped in 5 business days may take seven days to arrive. That said, Amazon does have a weekend delivery option, meaning that the five business days may be five working days if you opt to receive the product on the weekend.

Do Weekends Cout as Business Days for Shipping?

Most companies don’t count weekends and public days for shipping.

Is Sunday a Business Day for USPS?

Yes, Sunday is a business day for the US postal service. You can expect your mails to be delivered on weekends as well.

What Is a Calendar Day?

A calendar day is a day of the week. There are seven days in a calendar week.

How Long is a Calendar Day?

A calendar day, just like a business day, is 24 hrs, starting from midnight.

What Day Will It Be In 5 Business Days?

It depends on the current day. In general, five business days means seven regular days as this always cuts through the weekends. Assuming there are no holidays, then in 5 business days delivery will be as follows:

If the current day is Monday: the 5th business day will be on the following Monday (7 regular days)

If the current day is Tuesday: the 5th business day will be on the following Tuesday and so forth.

The presence of any public holiday will distort this pattern, making the total days to be eight or more.

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