Isis Hainsworth Wikipedia, Nude, Age & Height

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Isis Hainsworth Biography / Age

Isis Hainsworth Wikipedia, Nude, Age & Height

Isis Hainsworth Actress: Metal Lords. Isis Hainsworth is a British Actress, Known for Metal Lords (2022), Catherine Called Birdy (2022) and Emma (2020).

Isis Hainsworth was born on September 22, 1998.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Isis Hainsworth Father, Mother, Brother & Sister
FatherCasey Chappie.
Mother    Marta Axpe.
BrotherIsaac D Collins.
SisterShe has One Sister

What Nationality is Isis Hainsworth?

Isis Hainsworth is a British actress who has appeared in Metal Lords, Misbehaviour and Catherine, Called Birdy.

Can Isis Hainsworth Play The Cello?

The Answer is No

Do They Actually Play in Metal Lords?

The actors aren’t musicians in real life,  Luckily for the actors, they had a pretty authentic coach — Tom Morello, the guitarist of the Metal Lords

Why is Metal Lords Rated R?

Rated R For Teen Rage Against the Machine.

Where is Metal Lords filmed?

Production. Metal Lords was shot in Portland, Oregon. The school scenes were shot at Parkrose Middle School and Parkrose High School, while the Battle of the Bands scenes were filmed at Revolution Hall.

Is Emily from metal Lords Scottish?

In “Metal Lords,” Kevin and Hunter’s friendship is tested by Emily (Isis Hainsworth), a Scottish-American cellist that Kevin likes, but Hunter does not, because, ew, girls.

Will there be a Metal Lords 2?

After the Show’s Ending, the Duo Comfirmed that they won’t be involved in the spinoffs for HBO. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not keeping busy. Metal Lords is written by D. B. Weiss, Who Also Co-Produced the Film Alongside David Benioff.

What is Post Death Metal?

Post-Death Metal is essentially a genre that transcends to standard death metal sound, and more often than not

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