Meet Jose Trinidad Marin, Jenni Rivera’s First Husband

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Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin Lifestyle

Jose Trinidad Marin Popularly Known as Trino Marin is the First Husband of the legendary American Singer, Jenni Rivera, Who Died on the 9th of December 2012, in a Plane Crash That Happened in Monterrey Mexico.

Jose Attracted the Attention of The Public After he Was Charged for Sexually Abusing his Daughters, Chiquis and Jacquie Rivera, as well as his Sister-in-law, Rosie when they were still children. He was Found Guilty and Was Sentenced to 31 Year’s in Prison.

Jose Trinidad Marin Biography

Jose Trinidad Marin Was Born on the 15th of February 1964 in California, United States. Although he was Born in California, Trino’s Parents raised him in Mexico Before Moving Permanently to the United States.

He met Jenni Rivera when they were both teenagers in high school, The ex-couple got married in 1984 and had Three Children: Chiquis, Jacquie and Michael Rivera, But Later got Divorced in 1992.

Trino Worked as an Administrator in a Mexican-American Cafe, before getting married to Jenni Rivera. Prior to that, he did a variety of odd jobs to end meet his relationship with Rivera.

Jose Trinidad Marin Marital Status

The couple got divorced because Jose mistreated Jenni and sexually abused his daughters Chiquis and Jacquie, as well as his sister-in-law, Rosie when they were still children. After the divorce, Jose got married again and started a new life with his new spouse and a new name somewhere in Riverside County.

Jose Assault on his Children and Sister Became Known to the Public Shortly After the Couple Divorced, He was Charged to Court, After several months of trials in 2007, the court announced that Jose was guilty of about 6 to 8 crimes, which included several lascivious acts with minors, aggravated sexual Assault and Rape. The Court however sentenced him to jail for 31 years. He was also charged for mistreating his wife Jenni.

Jose Trinidad Marin

According to Sources and Interrogation, Jose Trinidad Marin also assaulted and sexually molested his staff in the restaurant. These actions were the main reason that he was fired from his job. At the time of the hearing, Court gave multiple chances to Marin to make any remark about accusations but he accepted everything.

Jose Trinidad said in court that he is ashamed of his horrifying acts and he is getting what he deserves. Moreover, he also said that he will never talk to his daughters directly because of his crimes. Although his elder daughter Chiquis whom he harassed from age 8 to 12 that she had forgiven him.

She said, “I have forgiven my father and I still love him. He may think that I disguise him. But the truth will never change that he is my father”.

Even his junior daughter, Jacquie met with him in 2017, She posted his meetup photos with Jose on the internet and asked other people especially her aunt to forgive him.

It was recently rumoured that Trino Marin was getting out of jail for maintaining his good behaviour. One of his brothers spoke publicly for the very first time in all these years. He stated that he does not know anything about Jose release but noted that he is in good health. However, Several people have signed a petition that Jose should not be released from jail.


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