Latest UK Work Visa Application For Nigeria – 2023

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High Potential Individual (HPI) UK Work Visa Application for Nigerians

New Personal Visa Called The High Potential Visa Has Been Created to Lure Talented People to Find Work in The UK. You Won’t Find Any Other Resource with as much information as Trendnotch has on High Potential visa Open to the General Public.

If to Work in The United Kingdom is one of your goals, we have some facts that should encourage you. The High Potential Individual (HPI) visa, which is just just being made public by the Government of the United Kingdom, is a component of the most recent immigration pathways to the United Kingdom.

What is a High Potential Individual Visa?

People who have achieved a particularly high level of education and professional experience may be eligible for a work visa in the United Kingdom known as the “High Potential Visa.” as well as providing them with the opportunity to make a contribution to the economy of the UK.

Requirements to Get a UK High Potential Individual Visa Faster?

However, the following is a list of the general requirements that candidates from Nigeria need to fulfill in order to acquire an HPI visa:

  • 18 years or older
  • Have earned an academic degree – within the last 5 years – from a higher education institution outside the UK listed on the Global Universities List (a list of higher education institutions that are in the top 50 in at least 2 world university rankings – such as the QS World University Rankings or Times Higher Education World University Rankings ).
  • Mastering English at Level B1 in CEFR (equivalent to IELTS 4.0 score) / can prove that the academic degree obtained is from a study program taught in English / passed the Secure English Language Test
  • Have sufficient funds (minimum GBP1,270) to live in the UK without financial assistance from the UK Government
  • Have a TB-free letter

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How Long is the High Potential Individual Visa Valid?

If your request for an HPI visa is approved, the duration of the visa that will be awarded to you will be based on the academic degree that you submitted along with your request for this visa. Visas with a validity of 2 years will be issued to holders of degrees other than a PhD or an equivalent degree, whereas visas with a validity of 3 years will be provided to holders of PhDs or equivalent degrees. This visa cannot be extended in any way at this time.

Can a High Potential Individual Visa Open a Path to Permanent Residence?

People who are currently in possession of HPI visas are ineligible to submit an application for permanent residence in the UK. You have the ability to convert to a different visa, such as a skilled worker visa, if you wish to change your visa before the current visa period expires.

How Much Does it Cost to Apply For a High Potential individual Visa?

To apply for a high potential visa You will have to pay a fee of £715. In addition, you will have to pay part of the fee. This includes fees related to qualifying exams and health services.

How to Apply UK Work Visa for a High Potential Individual Visa?

If you want to know more about this visa, you can visit the High Potential Individual Visa Page on the Visit UK Government’s Official Website

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