Review (Is Legit Or Scam)

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In This Review, I am Going to Dissect The Subcategories of Review, Domain Registration, Who is the CEO of, How to Join, How to Withdraw on, How Does Works, and More.

Welcome you Once Again to my Platform Review.

In This Review, I Choose to Remain Honest About all I Have Found Out About This Platform that claim’s to Pay Users by Completing Orders.

I know Many People are Interested in The Popular Niche of How to Make Money Online Which is resulting in the Creation of Scam Platforms on the Internet. There are lots of scams platform on the internet That make all Sorts of Claim’s, That will lure Most Especially Rookie Online Users That Want to Make Money Online.

Making Money Online is One of the Best way’s to Make Money but the Internet is rife With Scams Platforms That wastes User’s Time and Effort.

One Of the Most Important things Users Need to Have At the Back of Their Mind is That Checking Should Be Your First Priority Whenever it Comes to An Online Investment For You Not to be Scammed.

Checking On The Website you Want to invest That Will Help you to Make an informed decision About the Platform But Most Online Users Does not Research any Online Make-money investment they Come Across Which will Result in Them Losing Their hard-earned Money.

Just Keep on Reading if you didn’t Want to Get Scammed or You didn’t Want to Waste Your Time or Effort With this Platform Because I am Going to Reveal the Final Verdict About this Platform. Let the Journey Begin. Review is an Online Earning Platform that wants to Reward users that executes orders on the Platform. The Order Amount paid by marketvip members is 0.18% to 5.25% of the Member’s Account Balance, and Each Account can Send up to 10 to 20 orders Per Day.

How Works


  • Invest $10 For VIP1 (20% ROI Everyday)- You Earn $2 Daily ($10 in 5days)
  • Invest $30 For VIP2 (20% ROI Everyday)- You Earn $6 Daily ($30 in 5days)
  • Invest $40 For VIP3 (20% ROI Everyday)- You Earn $8 Daily ($40 in 5days)
  • Invest $50 For VIP1 (20% ROI Everyday)- You Earn $10 Daily ($50 in 5days)
  • Invest $100 For VIP1 (20% ROI Everyday)- You Earn $20 Daily ($100 in 5days)

For Users to Start grabbing Orders on The Platform You Are Expected to Recharge your Account with any of the VIP Plans That You Can Afford to Recharge. Users’ Earnings Depend on the Current VIP Plans they Recharge, The Higher the VIP Plan The Higher the Members Earn.

Once you Get Domain Record’s of a Platform, There’s a Good Chance you Have Their Online History. And that’s What we did With The Platform was Created in the Year 2022-07-17 Which Domain Name will Expire in The Year 2023-07-17 But May Likely be Upgraded to More Years.

Who is the CEO of

The CEO of the Platform Does not Disclose any Information About Himself or The People Behind the Platform. Entrusting Your Money to Such a Platform is at a Higher Risk of Losing Your Money. If you invested Your Fund in Such a Platform And they Decided to go Offline Nobody can be Held for Your Loss.

How to join

Visit: (Fill in the Form)
Invitation code: LD6NQJ (Use For Welcome Bonus) You Can Start With as Low as $10 USDT

How to Withdraw on

Before you Request for Withdrawal you are to Click on your Profile and Click on the bind Bank Card and fill in the form Below and Return back to Withdraw and initiate your Withdrawal.

All Withdrawals will be Handled With a 5% Charging Fee. Withdrawals Are to Be Processed From Monday to Friday From 02:00 pm to 09:00 pm.

Marketvip is a Platform that wants Users to Grab Orders on The Platform to Earn a Commission. But Before Users Start Grabbing Orders on the Platform you Need to Recharge Your Account Before initiating Your Order.

The Platform Offer Different Tiers of investment Plans That User can Upgrade Their Account on to Earn a Higher Commission. The Platform Offers From Vip1 to Vip8 Which Users Can Choose any of their choices and Recharge their Account on.

Is Marketvip legit or a scam?

This Platform has Been Verified Legit yet and There is Alot Of Payment Proof About this Platform. if you still want to invest With this Platform, invest With What you Are Comfortable Of Losing Because Most Ordering Platforms are Scams which May likely Happen to this one as Well.

Referral Commission

You Can Share Your Referral Link with Friends and Earn a  From it Whenever they Recharge and Complete Orders to the Platform.

Thanks for Reading my Marketvip Review. If you Have Any Experience with This Platform Whether Negative or Positive Feel free to share in the Comments Section Below.

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