Mbam Stanley (Naijalitz CEO) Signs Out of University of Benin

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An Entrepreneur & A Philanthropist, Mbam Stanley is set to Become a Business Administrator / Magnet Graduate of the University of Benin, Asaba, Delta State After he wrote his Final Exams on Tuesday.

Posting pictures of Celebration 🎉 with his Coursemate’s, Stanley looked Happy, wearing white Polo which had signatures in markers, just like his Coursemate’s as it is Customary of some graduating sets. He posted a picture on his Instagram handle, bringing his works in Entertainment into it.

“Wow!! I love all my course mates. Are you in this video?”

In a recent interview with Naijalitz Media, Stanley explained why he went back to school.

“I am a Firm Believer in knowledge acquisition so I always tell Young Skill Acquirers, Who want to Enter our industry to Get an Education first,” he said.

“In fact, if you tell me you are interested in Joining Entertainment Industry, I will ask you what you are doing presently. If you say you are currently in school, I will advise you to finish before you Join the industry. Even if you are learning a Trade, make sure you are Certified before you join the industry. If you are seeking to Gain Admission into the University of Your Choice, Ensure you Complete Your Studies First Before you Come into the industry. If you Fail to do so, Once you become Famous in the Industry, it will be Difficult for you to go back to School. Education is very important in Anything you do in Life.”

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