[Mixtape]: Best Of Chief Dr. Oliver De Coque Old School Song’s

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Best Of Chief Dr. Oliver De Coque

We bring to you the Best Mixtape of The Greatest Oliver De Coque, Old School (Skull). Nigerian Guitarist King Chief Oliver De Coque is one of Africa’s Most Prolific Recording artists. Since Releasing his Debut Album Messiah Messiah in 1977, Coque has Recorded not Fewer Than 73 Albums in his Homeland.

Let me take you back to the 70’s when Chief Dr. Oliver De Coque of blessed memory was ruling the town with this highlife sound called, “Identity.”

Oliver Sunday Akanite is Oliver De Coque‘s Full Legal Name and entertaining us during the Nigerian civil war was a thing we won’t Forget Him so easily. Eventually he died in 2008 After a Cardiac Arrest.

His global recognition came after he performed at a London stage in 1973 and he was featured in Price Nico Mbarga’s 1977 album Sweet Mother. I guess you can remember “sweet mother i no go forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me” or can’t you?

Without Going Off Topic, “Identity” which has a chorus of “Money Money Identity” Mp3 Download, was performed by Oliver De Coque and was plucked off “Expo ’76 Sound” (Super Of Africa), distributed by Olumo Records Limited.

Download Best Of Chief Dr. Oliver De Coque Old School All Song’s (Jamz) Mp3 || Highlife Music


  • Let’s Pray To God

  • Father Father

  • Ezi Oyin Special II

  • Nwa Bu Nwa Medley

  • Ana Enwe Obodo Enwe

  • Biri Ka Mbiri, Pt. 3

  • Tolerance

  • Oma Obi Dia

  • Biri Ka Mbiri

  • Chimo Chimo

  • Peoples Club

  • Akam Di Ocha

  • Chi Kelu Uwa Cho ya Nma

  • Peoples Club Of Nigeria

  • Ka Anyi Biribe Ndu

  • Odiri Social Club

  • Opportunity

  • Ndi Ogiriga Wara na Nwa

  • Nwanne Di Na Mba

  • Uwa Cholu Obi Umeani

  • Ndi Ogiriga Wara na Nwa

  • Nke Nakpa Onye

  • Deserves Praises

  • People’s Club of Nigeria

  • Kpolibe Ndu

  • Omeokachie

  • Ikemba-Nnewi

  • Ana Enwe Obodo

  • Atutu Gepu Mpi Ekwe Gesiya Ike

  • Ekwueme Youth Club of Nigeria

  • Identity

  • People’s club

  • Go Call Police


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