Nancy Isime Biography, Net Worth, Cars, Movies, Married, Family & Story

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Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime Biography, Net Worth, Relationship, Cars, Boy Friend, Relationship, Contact, Movies, Married, Family & Story

Nancy Isime Biography

Nancy Isime is a lady of many parts as she is a Nigerian media personality, model and actress. She is from the Esan tribe in Edo State, Nigeria and was born on the 17th of December, 1991.

She is currently 32 Year Old (would be 33 years by December 2024).

Nancy is from a family of four. Her parents are Mr and Mrs. Isime. Isime’s mum died when she was 5 years old. She has a brother and a sister.

Nancy Isime’s Relationship Status

Nancy Isime is still single though she has talked about being in a relationship. She hasn’t made the details public.

Nancy Isime Cars

Nancy Isime Benz

Nancy Isime has nice cars in her garage and they include a newly bought Mercedes Benz car, Toyota Camry, BMW SUV and a GL 63 4MATIC.


Rumour Brew Not Long Ago, that Nancy Isime was Fond of Dating Married Men.

A Blogger Took it a Notch Higher by Naming a UK– Based married man Mr. Michael Dion –Goli, the UK Dion Group CEO of having an affair with Isime.

Nancy was tagged as a prostitute and responsible for crashing the CEO marriage. But reacting to the rumor, she acknowledged the fact that Dion-Goli only sponsored her show, the Nancy Isime show for season three.

She was of the view that it isn’t surprising to her, as women in Nigeria that live above average from their labour are always tagged prostitutes

Well, she challenged the carriers of such malicious news to tender proofs or forever holds their peace. She urged the public to disregard such defamatory news.

Nancy Isime’s Net Worth

Things you may not know about Nancy Isime

  • She co-hosted the 2019 edition of the headies award.
  • Nancy was the first female host of the future awards Africa.
  • She wears a signature blonde haircut.

Nancy Isime’s social media handles

Twitter: Nancy.E. Isime (@nancyisime)

Instagram: @nancyisimeofficial

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