Nigerians Blasts Mbaka Over ‘Stingy Man’ Statement On Peter Obi’s Rejection to Give Him Billions

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Nigerians Blasts Mbaka over 'Stingy Man' Statement On Peter Obi's Rejection to Give Him Billions

Nigerians Blasts / Mock Mbaka over ‘Stingy Man’ Statement on Peter Obi’s Rejection to Give Him Billions

Nigerians on the miniature publishing content to a blog webpage, Twitter have reprimanded famous Catholic minister and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, for alluding to the official up-and-comer of Labor Party (LP)Peter Obi, as a “closefisted man”.

Larger part of the tweeps guaranteed that the priest labeled the official up-and-comer a “miserly man” since he (Mbaka) proved unable “shakedown Obi inwardly”.

While talking during one of his projects in Enugu, the priest said it would be outside the realm of possibilities for Obi to become President, adding an elderly person president is superior to a ‘miserly young fellow’.

Famous Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has experienced harsh criticism over his remarks on official applicant of the Labor Party, LP, Peter Obi.

Mbaka had said in one of his preachings that Obi can never be Nigeria’s President.

It will be reviewed that Mbaka, at his Adoration Ministry in Enugu State, had pronounced that, except if God fails to exist, Obi could never smell the seat of the President.

The Reverend Father had expressed that, “it was smarter to have an elderly person as President than a “miserly young fellow.”

In the interim, there have been calls by certain Nigerians to the Catholic Church position to call the minister to arrange.

Nigerians via virtual entertainment have been responding to the turn of events:
@Trendnotch, How many People Mbaka Don Help for Him Church, Abi Poor People no dey the Church 😂🤣😂

@Ezigbo_mmadu, “90% of Nigerians abroad turned out to be less strict quickly they voyaged in light of the fact that the public authority of the country they dwell in has previously given near 100 percent of what they in all actuality do quick and appeal to God for. Same explanation hy Mbaka lean towards a terrible leader,so that his strict business will continue to blast.”

@novieverest, “Mbaka was not given cash by Peter Obi quite a while back. Show me a task where I will place cash into and see the outcome. That is all Peter Obi requested. Till today Mbaka has would not rest

@GideonFidy, “Mbaka upheld Buhari the most awful president ever bcos they gave him cash, Mbaka upheld Hope Uzodinma on the grounds that he got cash from him, regardless of whether you are BH simply give him cash and he’ll uphold you. No one rate him once more.”

@taqueenobi, “While different godly men are empowering deciding in favor of the right up-and-comer, mbaka is searching for who will purchase our future with money.SHAMEFUL

@PastorBlessid, “Even Fr Mbaka couldn’t push Peter Obi to do what he would rather not do in any event, when he let him know God was involved and related it with winning election.Peter remained on his principles.SHI SHI we won’t give.His diligence and explained astuteness is 100%.Competence!”

@mrstanlei, “I was conceived and raised in the Roman Catholic church, I have such a lot of regard for Rev fr Mbaka, But the way things are at this moment, even Pope Francis can’t tell me not to decide in favor of Peter obi talkless of Fr Mbaka, the very man that advised us to decide in favor of Buhari.”

@uggoprince, “Really this political decision is revealing.From ministers, clerics, lawmakers, activists, everybody. Envision Father Mbaka don’t maintain that you should cast a ballot Peter Obi since he wasn’t effective in that frame of mind into providing for his service with the name of God.God is alive.”

@GeneralKingslee, “Somebody ought to advise the Catholic Bishops to kindly watchfulness Rev Fr Mbaka to cease from going after the individual of Mr Peter Obi and face his service work.”

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