No retreat, no surrender until I have access to my kids, says Fani-Kayode’s estranged wife, Precious Chiwendu

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Former beauty queen and estranged wife of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, Precious Chikwendu, has declared that she would not stop speaking up despite the odds until justice is served in her bid to access her four children who are still in the custody of her ex-husband.

The ex beauty queen made the declaration via her Instagram page. She has been embroiled in a messy separation and child custody battle for over a year with her ex-husband who was the country’s former Minister of Aviation.

In a viral emotional video, which she posted on IG days back, the actress accused her ex-husband of denying her access to her children. She, however, urged other women and celebrities to rise in support of her fight against marital injustice with the #tag “JusticeforPrecious.”

But reacting to her claim in an Instagram post, Fani-Kayode revealed that his sons were being attended to by child care specialists and professionals.

Despite the revelation, the mother of four is insisting on having unhindered access to her children.

“Till court orders are obeyed, till our voices as mothers are heard, till children are no longer used as bullet shield for failures of two adults, till the emotional state of my sons are put into consideration we shall keep speaking up,” Precious wrote on her Instagram page.

She also posted a court summons with “Suit No: FCT/CCBK/043/2021 Between : Precious Chiwendu VS Femi Fani-Kayode ” where she requested to have access to her four male children. The development has since sparked reactions from her colleagues and fans who are currently identifying with her in the struggle. Leading the pack was actress Mercy Aigbe, who has asked every celebrity in Nigeria to lend a voice to the injustice being meted to Precious.

In an Instagram post, Aigbe who claimed to have had a similar experience wrote : “I have been in an abusive relationship and I knew what it took for me to get away from it, especially when the person is very powerful. They will keep suppressing and oppressing you . Thank God I had no kids there. #JUSTICEFORSNOW

“I had to repost this Cos I am a mother and can’t imagine my children being taken away from me! This woman @snowhiteey should be allowed to see her kids! Regardless! Children have the right to both parents’ love and care! @snowhiteey You will come out strong.”

Also, throwing her weight behind the actress, Empress Njamah wrote: “You need your mental health for those children. I thought I was strong until your story keeps playing in my head. You will smile at the end, even though I try to make you happy.” Mercy Johnson-Okojie simply wrote: “God help us, you will get them back…Let’s go.”

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