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DistroKid is a Service by an independent Digital Music Distribution Service, Founded in 2013 by American Entrepreneur Philip J. “Pud” Kaplan. Read More @Wikipedia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Money Does DistroKid Cost?

In Comparison, as you Know, DistroKid is $19.99 per year and you get to Upload Unlimited Track’s.

How Much Does DistroKid Pay Per Stream?

The Only Reason I am Writing This is Because I Heard From Other People/YouTube/forums that DistroKid takes taxes/royalties Without Consent From People Outside the US and People who live US That use DistroKid Average Around 0.003-0.004 per Stream.

Is DistroKid Owned by Spotify?

The Total Stake Spotify Acquired in DistroKid back in 2018 Would have been Worth Around 17% of the Distribution Firm; Spotify’s Remaining stake in DistroKid Amounts to about 4% of the Company, and is Currently Worth (based on that $1.3bn valuation) around USD $56 Million.

Whats Better DistroKid or TuneCore?

Both Services Upload Your Music to Streaming Services and Give you 100% of Your Earnings, Minus Banking Fees/Applicable taxes, But DistroKid’s Subscription Service is Far Cheaper and Better than TuneCore’s. You Can Also Add multiple Songwriters to One Track For Free, Which TuneCore makes You Pay Extra For.

Does DistroKid Own Your Music?

DistroKid Does not Take any ownership or intellectual property rights from artists. You Keep 100% Ownership.

How Long Does it Take For DistroKid to Pay You?

Distrokid takes 1-14 days to process payment from when you Submit a Withdrawal request. They pay for the previous month’s streams, which don’t update until the 14th-18th of the next month. This means you can’t request payment until these stats update.

How Much Money is 100k Streams on Spotify?

As for How Much Spotify pays Per Stream, they Pay roughly $0.04 per 10 streams. So, 1000 Streams Would be Around $4, And 100,000 Streams Would be $400. Remember, this result may be lower based on Certain factor’s Such as if only Half of Your Song was listened to.

Does TikTok Pay DistroKid?

If You are a Member of a PRO (Performing Rights Organisation) in Your Territory (SOCAN in Canada, ASCAP or BMI in the USA, etc.), and Either Work With a Music publisher or self-publish your Music Through a Distributor (likely Tunecore, CDBaby or Distrokid), then TikTok will pay you through your PRO on a Quarterly Basis

How Much is 10k Streams on Spotify?

Obviously, You Need to Get A LOT of Streams in Order to Make any Kind of Decent income From Spotify. How Do Artists Make Money From Streaming On Spotify? How Many Spotify Streams Equal $1,000?

2,500,000 Stream’s = $10,000

DistroKid Officially Rolls Out DistroVid Music Video Distribution Service

US-based DIY Distribution Platform DistroKid has Officially Launched its New DistroVid Service

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