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King Adonis

King Adonis is a Renowned Celebrity Author, Singer, and as you now know the founder of Adonitology. He has an Estimated Net Worth of $628 Million, Making him the Second Richest Religious Leader in the World After Tele-evangelist Kenneth Copeland.

King Adonis is Able to Accumulate this huge amount of wealth, thanks to the success of Adonitology and his numerous stakes in several industries including Media, Real Estate, Corporate stocks, and many others. He owns 100% of Dream City Universal Inc, a Media arm of The Church Which Produces and creates Television & Film Content.

As Founder of The Church of Adonitology, his stake in global real estate investments through the church’s for-profit companies is valued at $247 million, and his stake in media holdings is estimated at $100 million. Adonis recently purchased an NFT Collection valued at $10 million.

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