The Murder of Lloyd Avery II (Sad Story!!!)

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The Murder of Lloyd Avery II

Lloyd Avery II was an up and coming actor who was murdered in 2005 by his prison cellmate for a Satanic ritual. He was known for acting in several well known films, including Boyz n The Hood (1991) and Poetic Justice (1993).

Lloyd Fernandez Avery Jr. was born in Los Angeles, California on June 21, 1969 and attended Beverly Hills High School. At 22, he had his debut in the film Boyz n The Hood, acting as a rival gang member who kills one of the movie’s main characters and is later killed in retaliation. After starring in his first film, Lloyd went on to star in several more films in the 90s and early 2000s before his life took a turn towards crime.

The Murder of Lloyd Avery II

Lloyd started to become more involved in Los Angeles’s gang life in the early 2000s. Soon after he finished filming for the movie Shot (2001), Lloyd was arrested for the murders of 2 rival gang members. He was charged with a double homicide and was sentenced to life in prison.

While in prison, Lloyd chose to turn his life over to Christ and became very involved with the prison’s church. Lloyd was later sent over to Pelican Bay State Prison to continue serving his sentence, where his cellmate was Kevin Roby. Kevin Roby was a Satan worshipper and had paranoid Schizophrenia. He was sentenced to life in prison for the sexual assault and murder of his sister, which he stated was an “attempt to appease Satan.”

The Murder of Lloyd Avery II

As he continued his religious studies, Lloyd would often try to spread the word of God. He was warned not to do this, as it could anger some of the other prisoners, but Lloyd continued. Some believe that this is what triggered Kevin to attack Lloyd.

On September 4, 2005, Kevin Roby attacked Lloyd Avery II. He hit Lloyd over the head with an object and strangled him to death. Kevin then used Lloyd’s body in a human sacrifice. 2 days after the murder, guards found Lloyd’s mutilated body in the cell laying over a pentagram drawn in his own blood. Kevin Roby then got another life sentence added to his time.

The Murder of Lloyd Avery II

Lloyd Avery’s family blamed the prison for negligence in Lloyd’s murder because they felt that he and Kevin should have never been placed in the same cell to begin with. They had incredibly conflicting beliefs, so it should have been known that putting them in the same cell together would cause conflict. Kevin himself even told guards repeatedly that he didn’t like having Christian cellmates. He went on to sue Pelican Bay Prison for putting Lloyd in the same cell as him after he told them not to. It was also noted that Lloyd’s body shouldn’t have taken as long as it did to be found because each prisoner is supposed to be counted for every day.

Though many people recognize Lloyd Avery II for the well known films he starred in, not many people know about his death. Or they at least don’t know the details or brutality of his murder.

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