Top 5 Best Free Dating Apps in Nigeria 2023

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Top 5 Best Dating Apps in Nigeria 2023

Top 5 Best Free Dating Apps in Nigeria 2023

1. OkCupid

In contrast to other dating apps, OkCupid measures your compatibility with other users using a match percentage. OkCupid does have a blog post outlining how it determines its match rate, but it did not respond when Mashable asked for comments on the algorithm.

If another individual shares your search preferences, answers to questions, and relationship goals, you will have a high match percentage. You may see someone’s match percentage with you on their profile.

2. Tinder

A dating app called Tinder shows you pictures of people in your area. You may select a partner by swiping right to “like” the person, or you can swipe right to see more photos until you find one you like.

When you swipe right on a person’s photo, they are notified, and if they like back, you’ve discovered a match. You will be informed if there is a match. After there, you may start conversing by sending messages to one another.

3. Bumble

Millions of individuals use Bumble to meet new people, go on dates, and make new friends. Bumble is a free social network and single dating app where you may meet people nearby for hookups and new friendships.

Here is the place to be if you want to meet new people, find meaningful matches and connections, talk to strangers and make new friends, or expand your professional and social network. Modifying the dating laws Free dating app Bumble encourages inclusivity, equality, and respect.

4. Badoo

A superb dating app with all the capabilities this kind of platform needs is called Badoo.

Its location-based functionality enables you to find and connect with people nearby. Depending on their age, location, and gender, people can be located. Nigerians may use Badoo to connect with local Nigerians, make new friends, and perhaps get laid.

5. Bingdum

Bingdum is the best dating app in Nigeria currently, where users can either find their true love or simply hookup.

Just like the old 2go, Bingdum also has rooms like 2go where users can find other users in their city, universities, local government area, sport rooms, etc. Bingdum also has dating rooms for serious minded people, hookup rooms for users who are just looking for hookups.

With Bingdum, you don’t need to get matched to send messages, it is also a free app to use. One of the most interesting thing about this app is that, it has a feature for post, just like Facebook.

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