What Does HITC Mean in Football

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What Does HITC Mean in Football?

What Does HITC Mean in Football?

What does HITC mean in football? Well, there are many meanings of the word HITC.

This stands for many different things in many different sectors.

So today I’m going to cover everything you may need to know about HITC meaning in different sectors.

Starting from football, let’s see what does it mean when we say HITC in football or soccer.

HITC Meaning In Football

HITC (formerly Here Is the City) is a British news and entertainment website owned by GRV Media. As well as multiple social profiles it also has two popular football-themed YouTube channels, HITC Football (previously HITC Sport) and HITC Sevens, launched in October 2014 and June 2017 respectively. HITC.

HITC is an Irish YouTube channel that is owned by Michael Ramsay who is an Irish guy.

He features James Rutherford also known as HITC James.

It is actually called HITC Sport and they create videos about 🏈 Football / Soccer ⚽.

There’s nothing much, they just create videos about like “Best Soccer Player of the Year”, “Who is The Best Football Player in the World 🌍”.

In short, HITC create videos in e categories that are 1. Rating 2. Opinion 3. Ranking.

HITC Sport stunning sport videos which are somewhat impressive especially if you are a soccer fan it’s a great YouTube channel to subscribe.

They have studied their YouTube channel late October 2014 up to now they are still posting YouTube videos.

This YouTube channel is more than 279 million views from 2014 up to now February 2022.

What Does HITC Mean

Well, like I said earlier, HITC is a YouTube channel that posts sport videos.

Their videos are about rating soccer players, opinions about soccer players and even rating football players.

This channel is so great to football fans because they post videos regularly, almost everyday.

You can view their YouTube channel directly from this link.

Please be advised that TechThere Official does not have anything to do with HITC Sport.

This is only a way to provide you all the information that you might want.


Thank you so much for your time guys, I think this is really what you wanted to know about HITC.

However, if you still have questions or if you still want to know something about HITC please let me know in the comment section of this post.

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