Who is Anichka Penev? Biography, Causes Of Kidnapping, Nationality, Family, Age, Networth & Facts

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The police in Cape Town are frantically trying to trace the 35-year-old Ukrainian national after he was abducted from the vicinity of Nioro Plastics on Thursday morning the 29th of september.

The metadata that was found on the surveillance footage that has subsequently been published on social media indicates that the incident happened only a short or so after 10:00 a.m.

CCTV recorded a breaking-the-law incident in which two armed men driving two vehicles abducted Anichka Penev in Blackheath, Cape Town.

According to Cape Town ETC, Penev is seen driving a yellow Audi R8 coupe as she approaches the plastics facility that is allegedly owned by her husband. Penev made a U-turn towards Shiraz Road, entirely unaware of the trap she was about to fall into. Her husband’s factory is in Saxenburg Park 1, and just outside the gates a white Toyota Avanza swooped in front of her, virtually blocking her way.

Within seconds, Penev was wedged between two moving vehicles, and any attempt she attempted to escape on foot was quickly thwarted by four armed men who bound her and pushed her into one of the escaping vehicles. In an instant, Penev’s ordeal was ended.

Despite the fact that Penev’s condition is now undetermined, reports state that several gunshots were fired.


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