Why I Have Never Regretted Being A Nigerian Celebrity – Sharkskin

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Why I have never regretted not being out there AS NIGERIANS NUMBER ONE SUPERSTAR.

Regret they say is like a disease that drains a beautiful heart slowly.

I have never regretted not being on Nigeria’s mixed tapes of fixed fame. The reason is simply because at the time I was suppose to start enjoying supreme fame and fortune God’s Grace found me; back then I was like a fool who had every opportunity to shine and to out shine many around me but Instead I chose to go or rather sway away from the deals presented to me.

I have been rediculed, belittled by those who I thought I could encourage even when I did, I was used, dumped and sholved aside by those who thought they’ve known or have seen the best of me. The best of me?

I have learnt my mistakes especially with those you think are friends.

I stopped low just for those who thought I was unapproachable approachable.

Those who thought I was very proud from afar, I did show to them I was indeed friendly and likewise humble.

They were those who I was there for but were never there when I needed them the most, all of this realities made me realise that except God be for you, no one is really with you.

I have learnt so much especially in the area’s of lost intentions and lost Hope.

I only did one thing to celebrate and celebrating recovery was to know who is for or against you. I was told by a precher that if God can be for you, no one Can be against you!

I am like a triangle, I have indeed seen it all, nothing is really new Under the Sun rather than for man to love his neighbour as himself with wisdom, fear God and respect people.

My Album The Best of SHARKSKIN GOLDEN TONES and The Project NEWINE SKIN album are all by God’s Grace coming soon on all Musical store’s and virtue platforms.

One thing I have tried to correct about my past with the best of Sharkskin Golden Tones Album are my dirty lyrics which I had used ignorantly in the past thinking I was the “ish” while the New-Wineskin Album talks about the Grace that’s kept me under the Shadow of God the Almighty.

I don’t want to mention name’s, because if I am to mention those whom I have mentored it will only mean I am remorseful or rather boastful.

My responsibilities is to make you see beyond your choices and why being with Christ Jesus is the Ultimate leverage to life.

One thing I want everyone to know is that in the world where we all are resided in,” remember, “All that glitters is not Gold”.

For those who’ve been there encourimg me, God will encourage you even in the darkest of your hours

Most people are of the opinion that I am born again of course I am, only because GOD’S gat me and it is simply the reason why I am the CEO of STELLAWILLYS enterprise for a Newnes in Christ God gave me another opportunity.

I am indeed Greatful. I am also the CREATIVE DIRECTOR/Producer of JOGOS TV here in Lagos.

What more can I say rather than to thank God for were I am, who I am and where I am heading to by God’s Grace only in Christ Jesus.

Remember, know who your father is and your mission here on Earth as a Human Being. One day all that we are clamoring or fighting for will just like dew evaporate.

God bless you the reader!


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