Working with Ajimovoix Drums improved my music vocation ― Rocky Gold

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Working with Ajimovoix Drums improved my music vocation ― Rocky Gold
Working with Ajimovoix Drums improved my music vocation ― Rocky Gold

As been said, music is one more lifestyle all alone, while you can not have and accomplish the staggering specialty without a decent foundation or a decent music and record maker of which I will say Ajimovoix is one.

Music just like the everyday routine I have been experiencing, additionally a day to day existence reclamation to the spirit, working with the Ajimovoix was more similar to a fantasy come through.

About Rocky Gold

I would say I am youthful, gifted and favored with the energy and a decent family foundation of five, and my names is Shotikare Oluwaseunfunmi Roqeebat and my stage name is Rocky Gold. I was brought up in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, I am 19 years old and I cherished music from my adolescence.

Present Undertaking

I have done two or three sounds on schedule past, yet this moment, I am chipping away at a venture with the center dance originator, Ajimovoix Drums, named IRE; an exceptionally pleasant sound that is very much planned. I can hardly wait to impart this to the world.

Relationship with Ajimovoix

On a critical Wednesday morning, I got a call from my supervisor letting me know he previously reserved a meeting for me in the studio for the end of the week and he previously gained an instrumental as of now which he accepted I planned to adore.

Paying attention to the instrumental without tag truly provided me with a ton of delight as of now. So I thought of my verses and it’s an ideal opportunity to go recording however to my large treat I saw the maker looking extremely quiet and delicate and I was in huge shock seeing him pivot checking out me with a major grin and since the time then, at that point, music has hit diversely on me.

Music motivation

I will say it is something characteristic since I wasn’t from a music foundation. I have been in the art since I was seven which I grew up to now fall somewhere down in affection with.


However, i will say Simi, Teniola, Zino, Beyoncé, Rihana however I love sounding more like a person. My assertion to the quick rising is they should continue pushing, moving, and never surrender since it’s all going to be fine.

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