YFI Token Airdrop – How To Claim $100 For Free

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YFI Token Airdrop – How To claim $100 worth of YFIC Free

YFI Token Airdrop – How To claim $100 worth of YFIChain Free

Welcome to Trendnotch Media Tech Centre, Today I Will Teach You a Strategy to Claim $100 Worth of YFI Token Airdrop Free by Performing Just a Simple Task.

What is YFI Cryptocurrency?

YFIChain is a decentralized one-stop platform on Ethereum Chain – focusing on low transaction costs, high transaction speeds as well as a simplistic and straightforward user experience via a highly intuitive user interface.

several numbers of emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, yearn finance provides its services using only code, removing the need for a financial intermediary like a bank or custodian. To do this, it has built a system of automated incentives around cryptocurrency.

How To Claim YFI Token Airdrop Free

  • The Total supply is ONLY 40,000.
  • Claim $100 for participating in airdrop ( 0.1 YFIC )
  • $100 for Each User Join By your Referral link ( 0.1 YFIC)

Join Link:


  • Then open the link and simply paste your ERC20 ETH address.


YFIC Token Details:

  • Token Name: YFIC
  • Symbol: YFIC
  • Total supply: 40,000
  • Token Network: ETH (ERC20)
  • Decimals: 18
  • YFIC Contract Address


Yfichain Telegram Group:


YFI Price Prediction

With our small market analysis here is our YFI price prediction for 2021.

YFI Prediction

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